We are an international digital innovation company with Headquarters in Hong Kong and branch studios around the world. We company that believes in total design by working in the crossover between business and strategy, experience design, marketing communications and education. Working with international clients we focus on the development of digital transformation strategies, product and service designs and O2O marketing campaigns. From disruptive business strategies to captivating interactive media to cutting edge education content, our creations mesmerise audiences and drive brand engagement.

Our team is a passionate group of digital natives in media design, product design, storytelling, strategy, content creation, social media, transformation strategy, education and more. We take an research-based approach, using first-hand insights and consumer and industry experience to develop transformative Business-to-Consumer and Business- to-Business experiences. A hallmark of our integrated campaigns is our commitment to develop simply but smart creative ideas that impact short-term customer behaviour, while building long- term brand preference and loyalty. We thrive on creative problem-solving and design-thinking and love the thrill when we know that we’ve created an ‘aha’ moment and a brand story that sells itself.

The management roster of our network of offices is :

Management Team
• Dr. David Williams – Founder and CEO:: Digital Strategy and Education (Global Digital Mojo - Hong Kong)
• Mr. Dennis Poon – Partner and Associate Director:: Brand and Education (Global Digital Mojo - Hong Kong)
• Mr. Javier Hurtardo – Partner / Director:: Business Development (Global Digital Mojo - Mexico City)
• Mr. Andres Pedroza – Partner / Director:: Creative (Global Digital Mojo - Mexico Xity)
• Ms. Elena Panizza – Associate Director:: Brand and Marketing Innovation (Global Digital Mojo - Barcelona)
• Mr. Rattan Gangahadar – Associate Director:: Retail and Experience Design (Global Digital Mojo - India)

Business Roles
• Sales and Marketing Director
• Account Manager
• In-house O2O Marketing Executive

Creative Roles
• Senior and Junior Storyteller: Transformation Strategy, Content and Copy, Media Design, Experience Design, Retail Design, Interactive 
Technology, Education
• Professional and Student Intern

Production Roles
• O2O Producer UX/Media/Retail/Technology/Strategy
• Producer Digital Transoformation Academy

Operations Roles
• HR and Administration Executive
• Finance and Project Operations Executive
• Accounting Manager
• Administration Assistant